Fineline Tattoo

Small pieces, thin, delicate, intricate tattoo design evoking fine artwork. 1" - 3" Max. Get a bundle deal if you book 3+ fine line tattoos in one session.

Script / Wording

This style of tattoo is so popular because it allows you to get meaningful words permanently tattooed onto your skin so you can hold them close. The focus of the art comes down to the particular script or font used, as well as the meaning of the words. 4" Max.

Tiny Tattoo

Micro tattoos, tiny tattoos are subtle, delicate and often minimalist artwork that are impactful using fine lines. 0.5" - 1" Max. Get a bundle deal if you book 3+ tattoos in one session.

(Full / Half) Sticker Sleeve

A sticker sleeve is a collection of 5+ small tattoos on arms or back. Tattoos cannot be in multiple areas, all designs must be under 3".

Couple / Best Friends Session 

Friends and couples often choose to get tattoos that symbolise their bond or commemorate a special event they've experienced together. 3in max.

Fingers / Hand Session

These designs are popular as dainty, unique options that might have some sentimental meaning for you. Play around with placement and design ideas.

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